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Wicked Problem

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I first came across this idea in Code Complete where the author talks about a lot of the harder programming challenges being wicked problems and I think I just instantly fell in love with the statement because in it's simplicity, it describes the very essence of creative technical work.

Work like :

This is a pretty great article that talks deeper about it's definition Software Design Problems: Wicked or Tame?

Wicked problems to me are problems, whose solution doesn't reveal itself until an initial solution to the problem is made. Meaning the solution to the problems manifests itself in after a wrong solution has been made.

Not to mention that, wicked problems by nature don't have a right solution, only one that is very good, good enough and not good enough. This makes it a lot harder to showcase why one solution could be better than another.

Especially problems whose solutions take time to reveal itself.

This is a pretty good short article to tackle wicked problems Development is Inherently Wicked

A top 10 traits of a problem that make it wicked 10 Traits of a wicked problem

Of course, it is still a spectrum of wickedness a problem has.