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In an effort of trying to do more public learning, I have built myself a digital garden.

They contain thoughts, notes and ideas about everything I am interested in that evolves with time.

Suffice to say, these are all opinionated and are subjected to be wrong. If you want to discuss about anything here, contact me at braden@bradenkoh.com.

Garden Design

The design of this garden was taken from The Threshold (utsob.me) (Roy, I hope that is okay, if it isn't shoot me an email and I will sort that out). What I really liked about his design was the simplicity in showing the garden (the diamond at the top of this page) and pre-fixing each note with an icon.

The colours was taken from my website which is a personal variant of the Dracula colour theme and the content is written in Obsidian and published using a personal fork of the Digital Garden plugin for Obsidian.

Maturity Levels

The maturity for each piece of writing, is represented by the icon next to it.

Seedling Maturity Level: 1|14

Seedling are notes that are rough, they could be ideas or thoughts that might be useful but they haven't spent the time refining them.

Sapling Maturity Level: 1|14

Saplings have a fair amount of substance but there is still work to be done. My ideas, opinions and thoughts are refine enough to have a conversation but not good enough for me to argue someone about it.

Tree Maturity Level: 1|14

Trees are robust and mature enough that it might not change much. However, nothing is permanent in life, so time might change this.

Withered Maturity Level: 1|14

These are outdated pages that are kept to understand the history and the timeline of the topic.

Signpost Maturity Level: 1|14

These are pages that don't hold a lot of content on their own. It's function is to point you to other more relevant/useful pages.

Stone Maturity Level: 1|14

Notes mark with a stone are pages where growth doesn't apply because they are "matter-of-fact" pages. Meaning, they are notes taken from external sources. Like extracts from a book/article or a programming how-to.


Maturity levels are extremely subjective, what I consider immature/mature is my own assessment of my notes.

What's been on my mind

File tags Created On Modified On
Maximising strength and muscle growth
    March 11, 2023 March 12, 2023
    Maximising endurance and fat loss
      March 11, 2023 March 12, 2023
      Building your fitness program
        March 11, 2023 March 12, 2023
        Assessing your fitness
          March 11, 2023 March 12, 2023
            March 11, 2023 March 12, 2023
            10 Traits of a wicked problem March 07, 2023 March 07, 2023
            Wicked Problem March 07, 2023 March 07, 2023
            Trunk Based Development Vs Feature Based Development March 07, 2023 March 07, 2023
            How Runtime Locates and Binds Assemblies March 07, 2023 March 07, 2023
            Using the Assembly Resolver March 07, 2023 March 07, 2023